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Urgent Order Communication [21 Aug 2004|11:34pm]

Viewable by the Order of the Phoenix

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OWL to Harry [22 Jul 2004|10:22pm]
~hexed private readable by Harry only~Collapse )

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Owl to Draco [10 Jul 2004|01:46am]

[ mood | tired ]

Owl to DracoCollapse )
OOCCollapse )

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Personally owled message to Ron [07 Jul 2004|08:27pm]

I want to visit Harry. Isn't it almost his birthday??? Shouldn't I have something to take to him?????

I'm going to give him some american bugs I saved for him, and a big chocolate bar! YEEE!

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Owl to Lucius [07 Jul 2004|04:09pm]

[ mood | complacent ]

Owl to Lucius MalfoyCollapse )

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Return owl to Draco Malfoy [02 Jul 2004|09:00am]

[ mood | hopeful ]

Return owl to Draco MalfoyCollapse )

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Return Owl to Daphne [01 Jul 2004|08:16pm]

Owl to DaphneCollapse )

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Owl to Draco Malfoy [30 Jun 2004|08:57am]

[ mood | devious ]

Owl to Draco Malfoy, magically charmed by a house elf Daphne battered into doing what she wanted to be only viewable to DracoCollapse )

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Owl to Severus Snape [29 Jun 2004|05:59pm]

Owl to SeverusCollapse )

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[29 Jun 2004|10:59pm]

Characters: Padma Patil and GregorVincent Crabbe
Setting: Aim chat
Summary: "i jus dun kno how to deil wif gurls"
Rating: M for adult themes and bad sperllingk

I love you PatelCollapse )

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Daily Prophet Editorial: 28 June 1996 [28 Jun 2004|12:15pm]

[ mood | opinionated ]

A Question of Truth

Once upon a time there was a Ministry that we trusted filled with Wizards that deserved respect. No longer is this the case. The Daily Prophet has reported the facts straight and true, although no one really knows what happened over the past year. Beginning with You Know Who’s return to power, the world has spun into a crazy, crazy cycle where only one thing is for certain: Nobody trusts the ministry.

Pick up any one of the letters to the editors that have been sent in the past few weeks. Whether they’re slamming Fudge for following the opinion of Muggle loving fools or slamming Fudge for consorting with Death Eaters, there’s one thing everyone can agree on. Cornelius Fudge isn’t fit to be Minister of Magic.

It’s true he’s served us well in past years. The Ministry thrived in the years after the first war, and as people were rebuilt, Death Eaters were imprisoned; Fudge was the man who led us there. But it seems now that he’s lost his touch. The writing was on the wall three years ago when Lucius Malfoy took up residence in the Ministry. A man that does nothing at all but pay or bully everyone to vote the same way he does has no business with an office inside the walls of the institution set up to protect us from You Know Who. Some of us told Fudge that, Fudge failed to listen. Others within the Ministry tried to warn him, but he would not listen.

One could say that it was Fudge’s ostrich-like tendency to stick his head in the sand that caused the destruction of Hogsmeade. Albus Dumbledore announced You Know Who’s return and although none of us wanted to believe it Cornelius Fudge had a responsibility to believe it. We do not pay him to take the easy road or to live in a fantasy world-we pay him to lead the Wizarding World in not only prosperity but through the darkest night. It’s clear that Fudge has lost his torch and that the darkness scares him.

Now we stand on the edge of what may be the darkest hour the Wizarding World has ever faced. You Know Who is a real and prevalent threat and we cannot count on the theatrics of the Boy Who Lived to save us. The truth has become apparent, but we cannot count on only the truth to set us free. We need a leader who is willing and able to acknowledge the truth: willing and able to see it and take action. Cornelius Fudge has shown he is unwilling to listen to the truth. For the sake of the Wizarding World, we need someone who will.

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RP Log - Daphne and Draco [20 Jun 2004|01:13am]

[ mood | exhausted ]

Characters: Daphne Greengrass and Draco Malfoy
Setting: Thursday night, Daphne's house in London
Summary: Draco is sitting about being the king of all angst. That is, until Daphne gets ahold of him. Or until he gets ahold of Daphne. Or both.
Rating: a very light PG-13

Accio snogging!Collapse )

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AIM Log [19 Jun 2004|09:22pm]

Characters: Katie Bell and CrabbeGoyle
Setting: AIM Chat
Summary: Goyle IM's Katie. Katie gets a little bit hostile over converstaions of muggles!
Rating: G-PG

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Malfoy Imprisoned; Murderer Pardoned - Daily Prophet Morning Edition 18 June 1996 [18 Jun 2004|08:48am]

[ mood | Hot off the Press! ]

Malfoy Imprisoned; Black Pardoned!

Landmark decision from the Wizengamot results in apology to believed murderer

WP Diagon Alley - In a stunning decision this afternoon, the Wizengamot unanimously proclaimed Lucius Malfoy under arrest, sentenced to a life term in Azkaban prison for being a member of You Know Who’s secret order, committing numerous crimes against the Wizarding World, and using inside access to the Ministry to transmit confidential information to You Know who.

This decision comes as no to surprise to those who have been following the Malfoy case as it has moved forward. After Malfoy was placed under Veritaserum on 11 June, the testimony given to the court at this time was entirely unexpected to many of Malfoy’s supporters.

Under Veritaserum, Malfoy gave testimony that identified a full list of Death Eaters, past and present. Among these were wizards and witches identified after the end of the first war including, Bellatrix Lestrange and Antonin Dolohov. Also identified were Roderick Davies, who was found murdered earlier this year, and Magdelena Flint, who disappeared less than a month ago.

Minister of Magic Cornelius Fudge will give a press conference early next week to address the newly made decision however some people wonder if this will not be the end of Fudge’s career.

‘There’s no way he could’a worked with that Malfoy wizard ev’ry day and not known,’ said a wizard who wished his name to be left from the paper. ‘Bet he’s one of You Know Who’s followers hisself.’ When questioned another witch, merely shrugged. ‘They know the unforgivables right? Fudge has been a good Minister, if he knew, it seems to me Fudge could have just been coerced. That’s what all the Death Eaters do.’

Albus Dumbledore, headmaster of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and Head of the Wizengamot issued a statement to the press after the trial. ‘The results of Mr Malfoy’s testimony are not surprising to me, but justice has been served in this case. For those wizards and witches named by him, we will be seriously looking into their records and files. No one witch or wizard will be imprisoned without evidence of just cause.’

Murderer Pardoned

Perhaps more astounding than Malfoy’s sentence, was his testimony under Veritaserum that Peter Pettigrew, believed murdered by the notorious Sirius Black, is alive and that it is Pettigrew who was the real follower of You Know Who. Pettigrew, awarded a medal posthumously, was believed murdered by Sirius Black shortly after He Who Must Not Be Named’s downfall at the hands of Harry Potter. Sirius Black was incarcerated in Azkaban prison for murdering Pettigrew and a street full of Muggles. He remained in Azkaban for nearly thirteen years until he escaped in 1993.

Under Veritaserum, Lucius Malfoy stated Sirius Black was not a Death Eater, and it was revealed that Pettigrew was in fact the actual follower of You Know Who. As the week unfolded, the Wizengamot asked for testimony from several witnesses who had seen Pettigrew, testifying that he was an unregistered Animagus who could turn into a rat and had thus been living during the years before You Know Who’s return.

Reactions were mixed from those who had seen the testimony. A witch who works in the Department of Muggle Relations was open to the ideas presented. ‘Well, Malfoy testified to it under Veritaserum, didn’t he? I’ll admit though, that I shivered when they first brought him into the courtroom, even with all those Aurors present.’

Others were skeptical. ‘I know its Veritaserum,’ said another witch. ‘But, well, couldn’t Malfoy have been misinformed? We’ve been told Black did those murderers for the past ten years or so, it’s hard to stop thinking that.’

Following testimony during this second week, the Wizengamot astounded the Daily Prophet by offering a full pardon and apology to previously believed murderer Sirius Black, proclaiming him innocent of the charges of murder that had been laid upon him.

‘He is an innocent man who has been on the run these past years,’ Dumbledore told reporters. ‘It is time for him to have his life back.’

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log from yesterday [17 Jun 2004|04:47pm]

[ mood | bouncy ]

Characters: Sirius, Tonks, Remus, and a special appeareance by Andromeda!
Setting: The courtroom, immediately after the trial.
Summary: Sirius reacts to being pardoned and is reunited with his favourite cousin Andromeda after nearly fifteen years.

A free manCollapse )

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Log from Monday, 14 June [17 Jun 2004|03:28pm]

[ mood | amused ]

Characters: Sirius and Tonks
Setting: Grimmauld Place
Rating: G
Summary: Sirius and Tonks have a lovely afternoon talking about the trial and the baby, among other things.

Merlin! Food!Collapse )

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RP Log: Voldemort/Bellatrix [16 Jun 2004|02:05am]

[ mood | enraged ]

Characters: Voldemort, Bellatrix
Setting: Voldemort's Headquarters
Summary: Bellatrix is called to an angry Voldemort's side.

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Owl to Molly Weasley [15 Jun 2004|04:17pm]

[ mood | hopeful ]

Owl to Molly WeasleyCollapse )

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Great Hall at dinner (open to all who would be there!) [15 Jun 2004|11:46am]

[ mood | having a heart attack! ]

After the morning's events Ron was feeling pretty good about everything. Lucius Malfoy was going to prison and Sirius would finally be pardoned. Harry was probably going to get to live with his Godfather! Which meant no more Dursleys.

A large package being plopped onto the table in front of him made Ron forget what he was thinking about for a moment. He smiled anyway, it wasn't every day he got packages, after all. The brown paper wrapping and string holding the parcel together came off easily enough, exposing two containers of some sort and a bar of chocolate. He pocketed the chocolate bar and opened the larger container, not bothering to read the little note that came with it. Twenty odd spiders were staring up at him from inside.

"AHHHHH!!!!!" Ron shrieked in a high pitched voice and dropped the container back on the table, spiders tumbling out over the food, plates and goblets of pumpkin juice. He fell backwards, tripping over the bench in his haste to get very very far away from the spiders. Once on the floor he continued scooting away, a shaky hand pointing at the table as he watched the spiders scatter. "S-s-spiders!" he croaked out weakly.

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LARGE Package for RON [15 Jun 2004|11:47am]

[ mood | mischievous ]

Owled package arrives for Ron. It is large, covered with brown paper and string, lot's of overseas postage, and obviously not wrapped effectively. There also appears to be 'danger live creatures' stamped all over it. Inside is this note:

Ron, I couldn't wait for your reply on what bugs to send you to reach me, so I just picked out two of my favorites! These are all quite tastey!!! I think some of them might have even been mums, so if you are careful you might get a good supply for later too! Enjoy! Pig

ps- I stuck in the chocolate cause it is really good to melt it, dip the treats in it and eat them whilest they are still wiggling....

Inside the package in magiced containers are these ContentsCollapse )

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